Poem: Still, I Rise (Maya Angelou)

Photo Credit: Free Nature Stock

I wanted to be a teacher, a singer, poet,

Transform lives: Travel to various states,

Be sociable, meet those who I thought

Was kind and polite: I wanted to be a pediatrician,

A gracious wife; escape the trap, that demonize,

Held me down, some thought that was unwise:

I ignore their voices, pursue my dreams, one at a time.

I try to change, dismiss, my origin, the people in my life,

Who saw me with no values, see me as a lie:

I wanted to be all that I saw, in women,

That showed me, their skills, beauty,

Wisdom, fashion, songs, who have principles,

A success, fought for freedom, minister to my spirit,

Beautiful poetic words, songs, to save lives;

Women who held their head high:

In my journey, I found out, it was all design,

That I was not ready or seen,

As one of those wise women, who touched

Many lives, *Still, I rise!!!

Empress Journee

*Maya Angelou