Poem: Teacher

Photo credit: Santi Vedrí

…………………..sorry I can’t remember, all your names,

I just can’t remember, you—your face:

—there were many wise souls; I did not know,

Who knew the game, some was young and some was old,

of the streets and how money flow;

yet, “I am thankful for the abc, math’s, algebra, english and history!

the memories of junior high had not sit well with me,

those years I was trouble,  the path I took had deceived me;

took me away from my greatest dream,

life seems hard to succeed in the loneliness of me;

thankful to mama, the village who taught me;

love and forgiveness was the greatest key:

that was the first lessons of my abc; the golden rule to be truthful,

own up to what I do, mind my own business, focus and be true to me!

“memories fade of the lessons you had taught me!”

shame had brought me to my knees; to forgive and love more,

the inner me: I am more grateful cause now I can see,

“that I had almost made it in life—great, so it seems!”

I am thankful—you step back and allowed me to dream;

to see the lessons I needed to bloom; to flourish in me!

Empress Journee