Poem: The Awakening Mind

Photo Credit: Christina @ wocintechchat.com

I never thought love would meet
In the moonlight and leave at sunrise
I never thought a touch, can be so sweet
And nice, then harm you when things
Are not going right
I never thought love was an illusion,
Between you and I
But I know now, there is
Always something or someone
Sweeter than I
I never thought love would say goodbye
Until I dream better things for you and I
I never thought dreams are possible
Until I push forward, when you set me free,
To try, allowing me to soar, fly,
Experience, realize, that the moon, the stars,
The sun, the universe is so vast—so wide
Greater, higher than the morning, evening sky
Even in the dimness of the night
“The awakening is our powerful mind!”

Empress Journee