Poem: The Beautiful Swan
Photo Credit: Emily Sevenoaks

I was walking to a tune, 
It was sweet romance:
Like the peaceful, '
Calm river — flowing ocean:

I was dancing among the stars, 
Like we were one:
There I saw, colorful petals, 
Touching my head, shoulder, 
Feet, body — my arms, all over; 
I was not in a trance:

You were there, my dearest,
Like the magnificent sky,
That smile, after a storm: 
You, holding my hands, with care,
Making my day so grand:

It was not a dream, it was I,
Loving me, embracing, 
“Who I am — precious;
Seeing myself as the graceful,
Poetic, beautiful swan, 
As I dance and dance!

Empress Journee