Poem: The Great Source is Wise

Photo Credit: Naomi Irons

How foolish was I?” Not being wise,

Thinking we all see, eye to eye

Come to realize greed and selfishness,

Bring shame and dishonor, for not being wise:

Still, I am learning that one side is brown

Still his magnificent love is around

One side is clear bring glory everywhere:

Sorrows turns to joy and life goes on.

How foolish was I!” Dreaming that I belong

To a great majestic people

That cares for the heart, for everyone;

Who does no wrong! Dreaming you and I are one:

“Now I see your imperfection!” As you see mine,

“Darling heart look at your reflection!”

Its’ not too late, just know, the great source

is much more, gentle, kind, much more wise,

“He is opening our eyes!”

Empress Journee