Poem: The King on the Throne
Photo Credit: Ray Grau

My best friend has moved on

To a place maybe a foreign land:

Things happen when we did not

Know better nor had a plan:

Still, I remember good memories

When we talk, laugh, admire boys,

men and each of us dance to upful,

Rhythm & blues, Caribbean songs,

Reggae, hip hop and slow jams:

My best friend found her true love

Without a goodbye, her number,

Her presence becomes non-existence:

I learn what it means to live life,

Alone, appreciate my love ones,

Laugh, forgive, be kind even when

I feel the absence of our adulthood

Bond, non-existence: Now I am seeing more

And more the grace of the mighty king

On the throne, who is my forever friend

That always blesses me with complete

Compassion, wisdom, life span & assistance.

Empress Journee