Poem: The Promise 2021

Photo Credit: Ryan Christodoulou

“The promise, that was made—was it all in my head?” Green lush pastures, beautiful,

homestead, cozy, warm and friendly neighbors, smiley face, joyful songs, of Christmas sledge:

The Promise, that was made, “Was it all in my head?” You and I together—in good health,

Sharing true love, honor amongst, our family, thankful, for being blessed, kindness,

forgiveness, keeps replaying in my head: The song that sings, ‘He never fail me yet;

God never fail me yet!” “Did I misread, the Lord scripture?” That I came,

From a royal daddy, who loves me truly, provide, protect, “His love—he always extends;

To those who chose to dismiss, the still small voice in their head?”

Yes, my sacred daddy—he is my greatest, dearest and loyal friend:

The promise, the promise, that was made, I know for sure, I did not misread!!!!

Empress Journee