Poem: The Voice That Spoke Truth 2004

Photo credit: Jacek Dylag

While white clouds speak silence and darkness,

Seem to cover the moon—in her blues:

She knew patience spoke, not in a hurry, not too soon:

To give her time to grieve and loose the weight, of fairy tales,

That did not, come through; Instead, allowed her soul,

To feel the rhythm, of the mighty blues:

And bring, songs of wonderful news:

Her pulse—strong, like a roaring drum,

Dancing, to keep her heart, fill with poetic love songs:

Allowing wisdom, true love to bloom:

—not in a hurry, not too soon!

The voice, the voice, the voice, speak truth,

The one I love, has found someone new:

If that’s’ true—my dear heart, may their heart sing,

Happy songs—than the mighty blues!”

Empress Journee