Through a Child’s Eyes Lives the Dream
Photo Credit: Javardh

There's a young girl bright and happy as can be:

beautiful shaded, with colors like chocolate cocoa,
caramel, roasted bean: Through one eye she sees,
colorful rainbows, after the rain, clears away,
like a colorful, joyful Christmas tree:
and the other eye, she sees a beautiful mystical
omnipresence on the scene: Guiding her to still rise,
still believe she can dream: This little girl holds
great responsibilities and is being taught, to trust,
live right, respect the self, respect humanity:

there’s a young girl bright as can be:

wish she could watch the sunrise, 
with her love ones
and dance to the moon happily: 
But all she saw was her mother cries, 
her father’s absence,
her siblings parted, 
without a pleasant farewell,
a pleasant goodbye: feeling the 'blues'
that they could not embrace, 
the joy she felt 
when she was surrounded 
with those that seem happy:
while they were in her presence
she saw her love ones pass away, 
with some of her dreams:
and how they fought, to keep her around, 
to keep her alive, to keep her sound: 
even in her blues when she felt lonely:

 there’s a young girl has bright as can be, 

vow to never give up hope, 
someday she will fulfilled
her dreams to those she loves, 
those who she may have
disappointed, those things 
that did not make sense,
as a little girl, 
looking out of herself;
words that spoken aloud, 
whispered in silence,
that did not make her happy, 
stunted her dreams:
those who did not wish her well, 
to excel, of beautiful, possibility: 
Those things that held her back,
made her weep, try to keep 
the soul in captivity:
This little girl live out her dream 
in writing, while awake and in her sleep: 
This little girl maybe you, maybe me,
If we are wise, to cherish her 
innocence, and grant her beautiful 
poetic sweet dreams:
remember, this little girl will one day,
be a great prominent woman, a great president,
a great girlfriend, a beautiful companion,
your best friend, your wife, your neighbor
or maybe this little girl is a reflection,
of your very own wish, to see her as an uproar,
wreck lives or a calm blue 
‘glittering sea, that heals.

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