Poem: To The Guardian Angel of the World 2021
Photo Credit: Tiffany Nguyen

I know not your name, still I thank the lord,

You were there that day: They say everyone,

Has a guardian angel, “I found one I know not his name!”

The experience, goes like this; an impatient driver,

Blew his horn, and what I heard was,

“Hurry, I am in a rush, move along, get out of the way!”

Anxiety begun to surface, as I tried to rush — like the man,

In the dark to move the cart, but it would not obey:

Then arrive, a young man, that came and say,

“Let me help you, so you could move out of the way:

A kind, rare person, you just don’t find these days;

An exemplary, figure, sure made my night & anxiety goes away,

Like a beaming morning light, brighten the whole sky,

throughout the day: Thank you, guardian angel,

I hope someone will be kind, to you, pass on kindness,

To another and I hope, you will have a happy,

Glorious & an amazing day!

Empress Journee