Poem: When Blues Sing

Photo credit: Maria Fernanda Gonzalez

When blues sing: In the day and the night,

It free the soul of the past—uncertainty,

That teach, greater and bigger things,

Awaits you and I: When blues sing:

It’s just a reminder, love is in the silence,

And not out of the sacred body,

That does not question, the ‘big,’ why?’

When blues sing: and tells story, we have no wings, to soar,

Like those who have made it for sure; Its life lesson,

Awaken the inner part of the ‘I can’t—yet I must try!

When blues sing: Its’ a spiritual poetic message,

To heal, soothe, uplift, the wounded mind,

To a great mass—that there is hope, in each of our lives,

When blues sing:  It’s something that one can never imagine,

Far brighter, larger, beyond the boundless sky!

Empress Journee