Poem: When Clouds Form

Photo credit: Varshil Changani

My dearest friend, a sinking feeling, rise, within,

Like hope was no longer our mighty song:

And when the clouds, lifted, and the sun shine,

I reminisce, about your beautiful presence,

Fresh, authentic, a sweet romance;

That have us dancing, smiling, laughing, 

To the rhythm, of the deep bass, the powerful drum:

When clouds form, and I am not, in your arms,

I listen to our priceless—songs, dedicate, to hearts,

That appreciate the strength of your warmth:

I close my eyes, as if I was in a dream, with you,

Like we were melodies, songbirds, we were true love:

And my heart beam reminding me, of your,

Magnificent, precious and great charm!

Empress Journee