Poem: When I Fall in Love

Photo credit: Shelby Deeter 

When I fall in love again, you will be mighty—beloved;

And we will part the red sea, like Moses with his great rod,

And close the mouth like Daniel of the fierce lion

And the wind, the wind will sweep our bodies,

Like twins Jacob and Esau—the grandson of Abraham:

We will, through the help of Jesus, soar on

When I fall in love again, I would wish our dance were

Beautifully play like symphony #1

When I fall in love again, you and I will hold hands,

As we walk upon the clouds hidden by the mystical Heaven

When I fall in love again, this time—my dearest love

We will wear crowns rich with the rarest diamonds,

While the angel sings—glory to God

When I fall in love, when I truly fall in love again

I will choose you only Zion!

Empress Journee