Poem: When Irene Call
Photo Credit: Vinicius "amnx" Amano

When Irene call, “don’t be surprise!”

Take note, it means business,

Someone cares for our lives:

“Wear your crown, let your smile, be gratitude, 

Remember, his mighty presence, keeps us alive!”

When Irene call: “Breathe easily,”

As the days soar by, Month after month,

It seems like, "there’s always,

A new journey on the rise:

When Irene call, “don’t be surprise!”

It means someone cares, its genuine:

Great wisdom is being taught,

Of all mankind: Stand by your woman,

Stand by your man, stand by,

Your love ones, take heed,

“This is our lives!”

True love,  for some, 

Has finally arrive!

Empress Journee