Poem: When Love Feels
Photo Credit: Jonathan Borba  

When Love feels, so unreal and seem to, betray you and me,

“I have to believe in me!” When love feels hurtful, shameful,

Deceiving, and tears flow, in the early morning, fresh,

Autumn, winter evening — breeze; “I still, will, believe in me!”

When love feels unwanted, scary, incomplete and all around,

Your presence, seems like danger, far away, absence,

From a sacred heart, separate; like, its’ wishes are to,

Keep us apart; “I will believe in me!” When love feels like,

A surprise melody of a tender heart, of a songstress,

A Christmas present, one struggle — to unwrap gracefully:

And it seems, I have nothing left — but breath,

True source, has appoint, anoint, blesses us with;

Each day I ask, help me, never to forget, as I command,

Greatness, power, health, love, compassion & no toxic regrets;

“Let your beautiful presence, stay always sincerely!”

“Speak life, whisper great thoughts,

Let your light shine — daily!” ‘Hope, grace,

Continue to remind me, that your love, is the greatest,

Love story that has safely kept me!

Empress Journee