Poem: Yesterday

Photo Credit: Harshit Sharma

Yesterday we laugh and giggle about, the boys we found silly and a clown:

We frown and weep about, the men we felt broke our hearts:

Yesterday we began to be strangers; no phone calls, laughter, our tears,

Dried up— and smile disappear, like love was fake,

And it seems none of us are standing like heroes—sheroes,

None of us seem to be standing erect—tall:

We began to be distant, like we never saw, met each other,

And God presence appear small:

Yesterday our heart seems cold—old, as if we put up, a great, giant, brick wall:

Yesterday, now passed—gone, we no longer, speak, share secrets,

And your presence feels—somewhat like danger:

Trying to consume the good within, Love feels, as if ‘peace,’ does not exist all,

So, I will take, our sorrows in prayer,

When the moon hides and the sun rise, I welcome the new day,

a new light, for you and I, for a greater and brighter, beautiful life.

Empress Journee