Poem: Yesterday

Photo credit: Zane Lee

……………I found out you love another—not me:

And I cried, not sure if heaven had heard me,

As I cuddle my fragile womb— with your unborn,

inside of me; I found out she had your baby;

the picture held—you’d shown me:

Yesterday the tears, that was diamonds,

Felt fake, like I was unworthy;

for I thought I was the one and only:

As I sing and cradle my body,

I began to fantasize that I was loved,

And that what I heard and saw was all in my dream:

Yesterday I held your baby alone in the ward,

Of so many, unwed mothers—that appears,

To be happy and to save my mind from losing it;

I began to sing daily and pretend I was so happy:

Yesterday I woke up alone with three children,

and without a true King beside me;

I stop blaming you and began to look within,

And found out how much more ,

I need to love me:

I thank the Lord that he woke me up

And to let me see no one can love me,

As much as me:

“God has given me hope and he has,

truly set me free!”

Empress Journee