Poem: You Say

Photo credit: Brigitte Tohm

“I love America! “I say: I am proud to be a Jamaican!”

“Love in ‘mi’heart, Love is ‘de’Key—love is the light,

Love can never depart!”

You say: I am proud to be white!” “I say: Black is more than alright!”

“You say I love Africa!” That prayer is the key to win battles;

To reach Jah light! “I say: I am proud to be a Latina!”

And I won’t engage in your fight, unless it benefits—me!

“I am bright—I am the Light!”

Still, you can’t see we are striving, fighting for the same thing

—to be loved, respected, for justice, to be free, safe:

And for our human dignity; that we long to have near,

Hug our family—those who care, at nights:

And see the Lord beautiful sunrise:

Still the never-ending struggle, ego, selfishness,

Of our unforgiving heart, won’t allow, the silence of a great,

and genuine smile: We allow to take flight.

Empress Journee