Poem: Your Presence Gives Me Hope

Photo credit: Vishnu R Nair

Sometimes I lay in my bed for a new day to rise,

And I give thanks, as I close my eyes, dreaming,

Your presence calms the angry tide:

Sometimes I stroke my face like it was your hands,

So wise, strong yet gentle bathing, in the powerful,

Up full songs: and our feet dancing in the pure white sand;

Then I would open my eyes and I’d look through,

The blinders of my window daydreaming, our path will take wings

And soar, in your graceful songs,

Sometimes I sit on my bed wondering who really, I am:

And maybe one day you’ll unlock my heart,

To a higher consciousness, of God prophetic songs:

Sometimes I paced the floor with a thousand reasons,

I should thank you for the beautiful, uplifting meditation,

That gives me hope, about our deliver—our Mighty God,

An inviting melodic inspirational song:  that reminds me,

I am part of you and you are a part of me,

As I rock, dance, to the creativity of your reggae gospel songs,

Sometimes I dream and dream and stare at the bright skylight,

And suddenly my dream vanished, blinded by your mighty sunlight:

It was your faithful love—greatness, that keeps me Alive,

That keeps me believing as I move along.

Empress Journee