Political Love Fest & Jamaican Politrix

Bee Bop Love by Romero Britto
Image Source: Posters.com
It is amazing how  2 politicians can be at each others throat slinging mud, and then they are the best friends. This is what yesterday’s debate between the Democrats was. Mrs Clinton and Mr Obama were at war just a few days ago. The love fest during the debate was just too much. I think it was a good display of hypocrisy.

I remember hearing that the JLP and PNP politicians are members of the same “private clubs”. I can’t confirm this but I hear they pat each other on the back about their public “one-upsy” and “card drawing”. They joke about getting the other back the next time. They drink and play dominoes together while their constituents shoot each other. Again I don’t know how much of this is true but watching the way politicians act it would not surprise me.