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It Was All Poor & Boasy

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It seemed as if Poor and Boasy was being crowned by the audience long before the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall winners were announced last Saturday night at Weeekenz, Constant Spring Road.

After his competitor, RC, gave a smooth performance, Poor and Boasy’s video showing his journey through the series was shown. At this point, there were deafening shouts of “Poor and Boasy” in the venue. Later, “Bup, bup bup” were among the things the people shouted while they knocked everything in sight, including the zinc and boards at Weeekenz. They beat so hard that a large section of the board separating the venue from outside was knocked down. And, it was not until it neared the end of his set that Poor and Boasy’s voice could be heard as the crowd slowly quieted.

Poor and Boasy, who was one of the crowd favourites, brought Miss Kitty to tears. “Since I’ve been here, it’s the first time tears have come to my eyes. You see Poor and Boasy, mi love him from mi heart,” Miss Kitty said and then later commended the other three finalists, RC, Destiny and Tiki.

Afterwards, another crowd favourite, Tiki was crowned ahead of Destiny, who outshone her in the lyrical clash at the previous show. But who would have guessed that while Tiki was receiving her million-dollar cheque, people would be shouting for Poor and Boasy again? Well, they did and the shouts were accompanied by extremely loud knocking of all forms, even as Tiki sang No Gal Nuh Hotter Than Me.

As Poor and Boasy was being crowned, the crowd could not control itself. Ice, cups and bottles were among the things thrown around by some people as part of their celebration. In addition, everyone wanted to take photos of the two winners.

But before the crowning, there was some Miss Kitty/Celebrity drama that had the crowd laughing. In the previous show, while being questioned by Pretty Boy Floyd, Celebrity, third-place winner in the female category of the competition, said Miss Kitty “could not stop her”. So it was quite interesting to hear Miss Kitty reply: “I want people to understand that this is a competition and somebody has to go home. Your attitude determines your altitude. That is why we have RC, Poor and Boasy, Tiki and Destiny onstage and not somebody looking like a celebrity.”

Right after, Celebrity came out and started her song with, “Miss Kitty caan stop me.” Some people expressed disappointment and one man in the audience said: “She need fi humble herself. She nuh know seh Miss Kitty can buss har pon har show tomorrow?” And the word-throwing continued when Miss Kitty sang, “A nuh our fault nutten nah gwaan fi dem.”

Before the drama and the shouts, there was fashion from Dexter Pottinger’s 3D Designs. There were also performances from other top-10 contestants such as Tesha, Bingy Links, Nazine, Jody Miller, Tanto Blacks, Sasha Lee and Mr Kruger. Keiva and the Cosmic Dancers also displayed some acrobatic moves.

Poor and Boasy and Tiki won $1million each.

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