Posthumous Album From Winehouse To Have A Reggae Feel

A posthumous album by Amy Winehouse is likely to move away from the jazz influence of her two albums and be reggae inspired. Music industry insiders have also hinted it may prove her most autobiographical work.
The singer, who died aged 27 last Saturday, could have as many as seven singles in the top 40 this weekend. Meanwhile, details have been emerging about scores of new tracks she had recorded that are likely to become an as-yet-untitled third album.
Her record company remained tight-lipped over the album’s contents but, according to her biographer, many of the new songs have a reggae feel, inspired by the time she spent in St Lucia last year. “In what we can tell from the third album, I think she had been quite influenced by reggae,” said Chas Newkey-Burden, who wrote Amy Winehouse: The Biography in 2009. Speaking from his home near Windsor, Mr Newkey-Burden added: “I think Amy would have been quite keen for a slightly indulgent third album. It might have been her way of showing the world what she was really like.”
Recording sessions on the album were fraught and Winehouse was said to be unsatisfied with the work. But it is unlikely her record company will try to prevent the songs from seeing the light of day.