Praise The Lord And Pass The Stewed Pork

Dear ALL,
Wow! What a week we have had! Tomorrow is a special Sunday & “Give Thanks “dinner -.
Stewed pork and, of course, rice! So much to be thankful for!

We have become great “mimers” while we struggle with the Chinese dialect and the 4 tones and so far, we have managed to get by – the Post office, which I tackled on my own and Walmart which “himself” and I tackled.

Yesterday, however, started off quite normally – a Chinese friend would escort us to Beijing. Well, it never happened, as the skies, which normally are grey (from the constant ‘smog”), were totally obliterated and torrential rains came down. So we decided instead, to go shopping at the BIG “Metro” (like COSTCO). We borrowed someone’s Metro Card, hailed a private mini-van/ taxi and went off. To say METRO is large, is an understatement! Anyhow we got our shopping done, arranged to leave our goods there, while we went off to find a place to eat. We successfully negotiated the six-lane highway, dodging turning traffic (you should see me run!- Shelley-Ann Fraser had nothing over me.).

We, finally chose a “Taiwanese Hot-pot restaurant” and settled in for a questionable meal of ‘fish balls’, dried tofu, strange looking mushrooms and chicken (I think). Needless to say, I was almost as hungry coming out and could only think ‘bout the 2 tins of Corned “Bully” Beef, left behind in Miami.(Some steamed cabbage and “Bully” Beef would have been really hitting the spot.)

That was the real start to the adventure, as when we were returning to retrieve our shopping, we were nearly run-over by a bus. (The pedestrian “green” crossing light, means nothing here), and we really had to scramble out of the way! -see me run! We were all visibly shaken and I was more than a little upset (But what me gwine do – this is China). But the best was yet to come.

The rest of the trip was a comic opera and nightmare rolled into one, as the taxi that we hired, was late for his next appointment and ran every ‘red’ Light. When our friend mentioned the fact that he/we could get killed, the driver commented (the universal reply)“no problem –meyou woontie – my taxi very safe” Right.

When we got out of the cab, mi two foot dem was trembling like me did just run a Marathon().
Me crawl up de steps to the elevator and was never so happy to see my room.

But what can I tell you …This is China and there’s so much to be thankful for! I LOVE IT.

“Thank God and pass the stew pork!” (my friend’s recipe) which I’m going to cook tomorrow ( we forgot the Jerk seasoning, inna Miami – what a crime!)

Nuff –nuff blessings from China.and “Walk Good”