A Bernie Presidency

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If anyone else predicted that Bernie Sanders would be America’s next President, I would shrug it off as wishful thinking. But when the prediction comes from Western Illinois University, I have to take it seriously. The university has a perfect record of forecasting presidential elections.

So I can permit myself to daydream about a Bernie Sanders presidency. I will even go so far as to assume he has a majority in Congress to work with.

Bernie’s professed goal is to level the economic playing field in America, and he would do so by taxing Wall Street transactions and investing the proceeds in such programs as infrastructure repair, clean energy development, free college tuition and free health care – not just physical health but, just as important, mental health, too.

He calls himself a Socialist but I think that’ could be misleading because he doesn’t contemplate government seizure of private companies, which has been a failed Socialist strategy in the past.

Bernie would encourage private enterprise, but companies would be required to share the profits they make from doing business in a healthy, stable and efficient society.

A Bernie presidency would demonstrate that cutting corporate taxes – as the Republicans would do – is not the best way to attract and keep private investment. Companies also consider other factors in choosing where to locate, such as the availability of highly skilled employees, the efficiency of transportation and communication facilities, the stability of the society and the overall quality of life.

Bernie’s America would produce a better educated, healthier – and happier – labor force. And the result would be enhanced productivity.

With the government providing healthcare and other social services, private companies would be obliged to fund fewer benefits for employees, significantly reducing their cost of doing business. And with a healthier workforce, employers would lose fewer employee hours to illness.

What company wouldn’t want to do business in a cleaner, healthier, better educated and more productive America, with easy access to modern airports, well maintained roads and bridges, and highly advanced communication capabilities?

I predict business will flock to Bernie’s America, and they will generate lots of jobs – good jobs, rewarding jobs with the promise of career advancement.

And when jobs are not only abundant but also more fulfilling, when the environment is fresher and we’re all healthier and better educated, when we have the assurance of a reliable safety net, there will be a lot less unrest, a lot less frustration and a lot less violence.

This America would compete in the global marketplace not by sinking to the level of low-wage, primitive societies but by providing a vastly more desirable, more functional, and more productive environment for business.

A more enjoyable and rewarding environment for us humans, too.

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