Priming the True Pistons of the Economy

Sir Richard Branson, risk taker, thrills seeker billionaire declared it well when he stated that

Small business is the true engine of any economy. 

However, we live in a world where CITI, and GM, and AIG are grabbing all the headlines, daily begging for bailouts.

Meanwhile, the true practioners of the craft of capitalism just get up each day, go to the marketplace and compete on their capabilities.

I had an encounter with such a fine Jamaican practioner on Monday morning.

 If you saw me on early Monday, your first question would have been, so who were you fighting?  I was quickly morphing into the twin brother of Leon Spinks. I would have responded I was pummeled by a pomelo (cousin to the grapefruit).  Just one upper cut did me in, taking out a front cap.

I needed help, and quickly.  This is when I ran into Dr. Paul Ashley and his extra ordinary staff, located in Silver Spring , Maryland .

Their excellent customer care turned my dental calamity into a pleasant customer experience.

I am a very demanding customer, and I mentally brought my customer expectation list.    Let me give voice to my thoughts and this office’s response.

Explaining my choices & treatment:

  • Was given a diagnosis and the game plan involved.
  • I was impressed by the office’s up-to-date with dental technology and knowledge.
  • The assessment x-ray was readily available as a tool to show me what the procedure would be.
  • This was followed by an on-line video of the expected process.

Concern for my safety:

  •  This dentist wore latex gloves and a mask when treating me.
  • For the dentist’s protection, safety glasses was also used.  I also received a pair of these glasses.
  • Another concern is the low doses of radiation from dental X-rays. I was given a lead apron.
  • Other risk factors were explicitly considered such as allergies
  • Properly sterilized equipment was evident.

Concern about my  pain

  • This dentist made the effort to minimize my pain. 
  • Was also given a wireless keyboard that I can spend the time on line if I chose to as a distraction.

Pocket book deduction (cost)

Very competitive


That was my technical assessment, how about the intangible issues. Well

Do they enjoy serving?:

Warm welcome by receptionist, call the insurance company and took care of the insurance issues of which I was clue-less.

Compassion & Empathy: Understood the patient’s mind set and echoed the appropriate support.

Intelligence: answers all my questions; had bi-lingual staff.

Good Chair-side Skills: Both the dentist and his assistants endeavored to make my experience comfortable.

Honest Communication: Warm, welcoming, and professional.

Team Effort: Consistent customer care even on the billing.

Follow up: Maintenance appointment was scheduled, and a monthly E-letter was in my mailbox when I got back to my office.


We may not enjoy giving all these bailouts, but listen, we need to give shout outs to our small business folks making it happen each day. 

Take a moment and share a shout out on a great customer experience you have received at a Jamaican business.