PublishAmerica Presents “Seven Days in Jamaica” by Horane Smith

PublishAmerica is proud to present Seven Days in Jamaica by Horane Smith of Woodbridge, Ontario.

Daniel Paige wants a new lease on life. To do that, he must escape the clutches of his affluent, over-possessive parents. After finishing his MBA, he decides to break free to begin life anew in paradise­Jamaica, the land of reggae and Bob Marley. Destined to take over his parents’ software company in New York, Daniel decides that before he does that, he must make up for his lost years. Foremost on his mind is to find himself a woman. In Jamaica, Daniel has more than he bargained for; finding a woman is no longer a challenge­the challenge is how to chose one. Will Daniel discover too late that relationships, as well as independence, could come with a price­a very dear price? He has seven days to sink or swim.

Horane Smith was born at Yardley Chase, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, the site of the legendary tourist attraction Lover’s Leap. An award-winning author and journalist, he has worked in television, radio, newspaper and public relations for over twenty years. He’s the first recipient of the Burke’s Literary Award (BURLA) for Outstanding Contribution to African-Canadian and Caribbean Literature. Horane has been described as “prolific…a writer with a gripping style…growing from strength to strength…and one of our four best emerging writers.” The internationally acclaimed Lover’s Leap is his first novel. He’s also the author of Port Royal, The Lynching Stream, Reggae Silver, Underground to Freedom and Dawn at Lover’s Leap.

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