Quit Already, Bernie!



So Bernie won the Democratic primary in Indiana. So what?

He still isn’t going to be the Democratic nominee. He is just being a distraction – a damaging distraction – from the tough fight ahead.

This campaign of his was a catharsis of sorts, I suppose. It provided an outlet for his pent-up frustrations – and those of a lot of other Americans. They got to yell about income inequality and threaten to revolt against our rich overlords.

But that should be out of their systems by now. It’s time to get real.

In my 82 years on this earth, it has become clear to me that not only will the poor always be with us (as the Good Book says) but so will the rich.

Yes, I know the inequality we have today is shameful. Yes, I know families like the  Waltons have too much money. But I don’t envy them. You can only enjoy so much of the biggest fortune. The rest can be a burden.

It’s fun to rail at the “one percent,” but it’s futile.

It’s far more productive to figure out how to make life better for ordinary folks, how to provide education, health care, good jobs, business and professional opportunities and a level playing field for the 99 percent. If our leaders do a really good job, who knows? Perhaps some of the 99 percent will get rich one day, too.

Bernie says the system is rigged, and of course he’s right. And change is long overdue. But we must be careful what we wish for. Before we drive those money changers from the Temple, we should figure out how to get along without them.

It’s a complex world and change must be handled with care. I trust Hillary to do that.

Obviously, so do a majority of Democrats.

So Bernie, it’s time to pack it in. You don’t want to give the Republicans a head start on the  general election campaign, do you?

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