Race is the central issue

Barack Obama won’t be the next president of the United States. This not because I don’t favor him, or don’t think he has the capability of being a good president… it’s just the recognition of America racial landscape. Yes, its all about race.
Let me break it down plain and simple. If you did good over the last few years and decide to vote for McCain, race probably isn’t a factor. If you are a republican, did poorly but will vote for McCain, then I consider you a fool because you can’t break away from the party line irrespective of how badly the last 8 years screwed you over.
If you are a republican and did very badly, like lose your house and job and still intend to vote for McCain, then you are a RACIST.
If you are a democrat of any flavor, with strong attachment to party principles and intend to withhold your vote from Obama, irrespective of whether you will vote for McCain or not, then you are a RACIST.
No need to do any self-examination, I will do it for you. You are a RACIST. There is no other logical argument to convince me otherwise. YOU ARE A RACIST.
I will vote for Barack Obama, but its not because he is a democrat or black. I originally thought that Hilary Clinton would have made a stronger opponent (not better president) against the republican nominee. But once Obama outlined his principles, especially in regards to foreign policy, then I had no option but to change my preference.
But this is the Dis-uniting states of America where race trumps everything including principles, and even self-preservation. With even a disastrous 8 years of governance behind them, many intend to continue the republican reign of terror. What the eff do they expect, third term lucky?
Now we are being told that Clintonites intend to create a stink at the democratic convention in Denver on August 27th. I blame both Hilary and Bill Clinton who both introduced and frequently played the race) and sex cards (isn’t it Hilarious that Bill is playing with the SEX card in the primaries.
If Hilary had prevailed even with that, I would still have voted for her because no way would I jeopardise my self-interest and the future of my children for another 4 years of George Bush. I’m no fool.
But not so her supporters, including Bill himself who even now cannot fully endorse Obama… and blacks are foolish enough to call him the first ‘black’ president.
Hilary could easily stop her supporters from putting her name on the ballots or even having votes in her name counted, even if it takes a court order to do so. But no, she has forced Obama into a situation he would have preferred to avoid.
Obviously she can’t stop them doing anything in November but her actions now can have an effect in November. And she knows that.
But this is the democrats for you. The republicans will ‘swiftboat’ the democratic nominee, but the only person that the democrats will attack is their own nominee. Heck, they will even vote for McCain while having their party card in hand. These people almost make me sick… I just don’t have any vomit to waste on them.
So while McCain only has to battle democrats, Obama has to battle die-hards from both parties, and the world and the smart people in America will continue to suffer because of the inherent racism and stupidity of the majority of America’s voters.

PS: Events in Russia and Georgia are becoming interesting, alarmingly so. Putin has taken America’s balls (South Ossetia and Abkhazia) and challenged America in particular to come and take them back if them dare. The idiot white House has dismissed the above challenge by Russia’s foreign minister as bluster. Riiiight. Den go tek dem back, nuh.
No matter what happens from here, the spectre of the Bush Doctrine will hang heavily in the air.