Donald Vernon Discusses His Upcoming Investors’ Roundtable On His Weekly Radio Show, The Hour Of Power Heard August 2, 2009, At 8PM On 93.5FM WVIP

As many of you may know, I have been advocating for the concept of wealth creation for our community.  With this in mind, this letter is intended to introduce you to an investment opportunity.  The government of Jamaica has made food security and food stability among its highest priorities.  Recognizing the absolute necessity of food to our basic existence, and the Government’s enthusiasm in support of ventures that advance the above mentioned policy, I am convinced that the Agro-industry will be the source of wealth creation for our people.

Over these past several years, I have worked to create a vehicle that would allow the Diaspora to invest safely in the development of their beloved Nation.  This investment vehicle is a processing facility located in Wait-A-Bit, Trelawny.  Through this facility, we will source fresh produce and conduct post-harvest treatment before distribution to wholesalers and individuals locally and abroad. 

We have established a partnership with the government of Jamaica and the farmers of South Trelawny to bring you this opportunity for wealth creation.     

For all of us who have hoped that Jamaica would one day be in a position to provide for the least among its citizens, this is your call to action, not just to make money for yourself but to help Jamaica in the process. 

I will be hosting an Investors’ Roundtable on Thursday, August 6 at 7:00PM at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, where I will present in detail this unique opportunity to move Jamaica to a position of self-sufficiency in its effort to feed itself. 

Ultimately, a nation that fails to feed itself will always be held subservient to those who feed it.