Raising the Jamaican Bill Gates

Connecting possibilities is something I cherish.

I had stopped in my favorite ice cream store to indulge my taste buds with some soursop delight  when I noticed a flier requesting donation of books for a book drive  for the upcoming read across Jamaica campaign. This campaign is powered by a dedicated set of Jamaicans who formed the Read Across Jamaica Foundation and made the  “READ ACROSS JAMAICA LITERACY PROJECT” a key initiative.

Well my fertile mind just connected  to a story I had read the day prior about Bill Gates.  It was a review of an upcoming  book by his dad giving insights into raising this mogul.   One of the striking points for me was how critical reading was in raising Bill.

Bill Gates at an early age became a diligent learner. He read the World Book Encyclopedia series start to finish. His parents encouraged his appetite for reading by paying for any book he wanted.



Could it be that we have an opportunity to nourish the learning, and fire the imagination of the Jamaican Bill Gates by donating a book?


Without a doubt !


I see a potential double tragedy.  Some kids cannot get their fingers on a book, while other ignore books.

“Affluent” kids today grow up in the world of multi-media that to my reasoning stunt the development of their innate imagination.

I will elaborate further in an upcoming interview with the writer and illustrator of a very promising  book series, little Lion.


For now, consider making a donation of funds or a book.  The window of opportunity here is tight as the coordinator leaves for Jamaica on Wednesday.

Click for website

It will share drop off points for your physical book.

or send email to [email protected]



Read across Jamaica has a powerful motto:

Share a book with a child and you have given illiteracy a dose of cure…