Random Memories of Jamaica – Ruff and Reddy


Many of you will say I need to seek help but here goes. I used to rush home from school in Jamaica to watch Ruff and Reddy on JBC. Now as many of you know (I am assuming you are Ruff and Reddy fans) this show was a multi-serial with cliffhanger. The episodes were about 7 minutes long. They would show what happened in the previous episode before they started the new one. It was my first experience with TV soaps. Now JBC would play the series over and over again. They would build you up to about episode 6 and then stop. They would then start you on another “track” take you up to about episode 6 and then start the previous episode again. I was “traumatized”. I am still waiting to see the end of the serial/soap where Reddy is kidnapped by little space robots.

Yes I searched online to find out the name of the episode. It is called Reddy Rocket Rescue. I also hoped I could find a full episode to watch online. No Luck. JBC you owe me one…don’t let me mention the one with the pirates…lol


Here are a few more that may bring back memories.