RAS Takura Prepares Jamaicans And The World For The Food War

Food security is an issue which is faced by countries globally. FOOD WAR is a Poem by RasTakura-of- Royal African Soldiers, Jamaican Dub Poetry group, which addresses the issue of food security, and the dangers of genetically modified foods. The Poem aims to inform and educate its listeners/readers of the fact that we are engage in an actual battle for consistent food supply and organic food in particular.

Food security will remain a serious issue in Jamaica unless we have a consistent Governmental intervention. The Government needs to subsidise agriculture and agricultural products in order for this country on a whole to move forward.

As Emperor Hail Selassie I states, ‘that a country and a people that becomes self-sufficient through the development of agriculture, can look forward to the future with confidence’.

Takura who is also a farmer and student of the College of Agriculture Science & Education, (CASE) suggest that one solution for Jamaica is that the Ministry of Agriculture should undertake the operation of more state owned farms and employ youths in Agriculture.  This would provide a means of employment for many youths who are willing to engage in farming as a source of income but lack the resources to do so.

In addition to this, Jamaicans must adopt a philosophy of self sufficiency and be able to feed ourselves and our neighbours, only this will secure our health and well being.

In light of the recent statement by the Minister of Agriculture that we should grow Cassava, as a staple that can be substitute for the present imported Rice and Flour staple, and the fact that the food can be grown almost everywhere in Jamaica with little or no technical skill; Takura urges the Minister to set up model Cassava farms and Processing Plants across the country and employ the people of the community to work and show them that it works(Cassava),thus engaging everyone in the FOOD WAR.

The FOOD WAR is opposed to genetically modified foods (G.M foods) and point us to the dangers of this development. What are G.M foods? This is when the gene from separate species is used to produce a single organism, such as the using of animal genes in a plant for example ,the genes of a fish in tomato and you produce a Fish-tomato plant, so the people who like to have Fish and Tomato can have it all in one., or the crossing of Peani Walli with Tobacco, so when it is night the Tobacco plant glow’s and give a bright light.

Foods that are genetically manipulated alter your normal body function. Some experts argue that it makes parts or your brain shrink in size, but we all know that once those seeds are introduce into a particular area the whole area will soon become infested with those seed types by pollination via wind, man and birds etc.  Studies have shown that more than 64% of the Soya Beans grown in Canada and U.S.A are genetically modified

FOOD WAR is here to reinforce the fact that the people of this country should maximise their support of our farmers, because the best food you can have is that which you produced.

The single is now getting a lot of attention from Jamaica’s leading radio stations. It has been featured in America (USA) for World Poetry Month April 2009. it is produced by Daniel Brown and the track created by Loxley Dixon who have made tracks for artist like Sizzla Kalonji, Queen Ifreka & Toney Rebel among others.