How Does Your Love Bush Grow? (Video)

On my way to Club Mobay before my return flight back to LA, I asked my taxi driver, Lawrence, to make a few stops.

Red Stripe Sign Overlooking the Hip Strip in Montego Bay Jamaica
Red Stripe Sign Overlooking the Hip Strip in Montego Bay Jamaica

We headed along top road to the huge Red Stripe sign that overlooks the Hip Strip in Montego Bay. I took in the views and snapped some photos while Lawrence began collecting this yellow plant from off the bushes. When I inquired, he said it was the love bush and was taking some to a friend who was sick. He could make a tea out of  the herb to help his friend feel better.


Love Bush Montego Bay Jamaica
Lawrence picking some of the love bush to make tea for a sick friend.

I love learning about different herbal remedies and will always opt for an herb or natural remedy before reaching for a prescription. But why is it called the love bush?

Here’s a quick look at Lawrence’s explanation of how the love bush got its name.

By no means do I consider myself a super star film maker. I really do enjoy making videos while traveling, but the only problem is that it takes me forever and a day to do the editing, add music, etc. Le sigh, I’m working on it…

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