Razor B Moves to Soca Market with new single

With the soca season culminating in Jamaica popular high energy Dancehall artiste Razor B has delved head first into the spirited genre with his new single ‘Move – Out The Why.
Razor B Moves to Soca Market with new single

Produced by the artiste himself and Nycenation out of Trinidad, ‘Move – Out The Way’ is a fast paced high energy single that motivates movement, with various dancers already creating versions of the Move Out the Way dance.

Razor B sees this as an extension of his high energy persona popularized with up tempo Dancehall hits such as ‘Hot Up’ ‘Up In Deh’ and ‘Bruk Back’. The artiste believes that this new soca track is not that far from his Dancehall material.

I think in 2019 it is necessary to ‘dabble’. Good music does not have boundaries. Soca, like Dancehall is lively, upbeat and makes people move. The transition feels natural for me, ” Razor explained.

Razor has also dabbled in the Soca genre before. With a collaboration ‘Up in Deh’ remix with Skinny Fabulous out of St Vincent and most recently ‘Boom Pon the Boom” with Nelly Cattoy out of Trinidad.

The artiste is by no means giving up on Dancehall but urges other acts to look outside the box and create fun music that the world is looking for

Music is evolving and it’s time to get out of the box. I recently performed in Columbia and Chile and saw the impact of fun music from the Caribbean on the Spanish market, music has no language barrier and we need to continue making music that people can ‘feel’ and our grandchildren can listen to in 20 years,” Razor added

So far the ‘Move-Out The Way’ single has been getting amazing feedback from industry and fans worldwide and with the release of the visuals a few days ago the popularity of the song is only expected to grow.

Razor B is set to launch his Summer Gym invasion High Energy Work Out series in a few weeks as well as weekly and monthly events at his Kingston restaurant Cassup’s Kitchen