Razz & Biggy Pause For Meditation With ‘Songs With Feelings’

Finding the perfect mixtape is hard work, often proving to be a tiring process to the purchasing public; it is equally as hard for sound systems and selectors to build or put one together.  However the attentive and ever meticulous “Dynamic Duo” known as Razz & Biggy continuously try to raise the bar when it comes to compiling mixtapes that are not only of supreme quality but also of a standard that makes them fit to represent dancehall/reggae music on the world stage; this is evident in their latest mix tape entitled “Songs with Feelings” released in August 2010.

“Songs with Feelings” has been receiving rave reviews from insiders from the music fraternity both locally and internationally since its release. Dubbed a ‘mix tape for meditation’ it consists of 53 tracks with superbly written material, not just with rhymes and punch lines but many with really deep and sincere messages. The mix tape boasts a line up of Reggae artistes that rival many of the top Reggae compilations; racking up downloads on digital outlets like Itunes and Amazon daily. It was no surprise therefore that only days after its release it took flight across popular mixtape distribution websites locally and internationally and soon racked up hundreds of free downloads.

With this mixtape Razz & Biggy have taken another step towards silencing the numerous critics of the Reggae/Dancehall Genre, many of whom have said that the musicians and producers of today’s generation cannot put together ‘good’ music or that the only music they can create is based on negativity. With Production credits for labels like DASECA Productions (David Harrisingh, Craig Marsh, and Craig Harrisingh) with their Brand New Exodus Riddim and TJ Records (Tj White) with ‘Word of Prayer Riddim’ amongst others, these 53 tracks are a testament to the great production talent that still exist in the Reggae/Dancehall genre.

Songs with Feelings boasts tracks from the highly acclaimed album – Distant Relatives; the combined effort of Nas and Damion Marley, selections from the lyrical prowess of Bugle, the ever melodic voice of Taurrus “Singy Singy’ Riley, the high riding I-Octane, Digicel Rising Star Romaine Virgo, The ever versatile Agent Sasco and the unconditional lover – Jah Cure to name but a few.

It is definitely  efforts such as this one  that not only helps to show case the power of good music but also help to  restore faith in a genre that has over the years been over shadowed by ‘abc rhymes’ and catchy punch lines. Razz & Biggy have yet again created a mixtape that will become a favourite of music collectors worldwide, “Songs with Feelings” is clearly not just another mixtape but one fit for meditation.