Recession Buster IV – Boosting Your Coping Capability

 I had a strong urge for some rum and raisin ice cream, so I zipped down to my local Jamaican market to pick up a pint.

Well, there was no rum raisin, so I looked or some grape nut. No grape nut! How about some sour sop, no sour sop! or mango! only cherry vanilla.


I called out to the store clerk who assured me that a delivery was slated for tomorrow.

Well, I was bent out of shape and gave him a piece of my mind.   Before I blew my final gasket, I was interrupted by Guzu, you remember, the Yard Genie.


He tapped me on the shoulder and followed that with a restraining squeeze.  “I know times are tough, but should you not be happy for this store that they are moving some products?”


“You are right” , I relented.

“You are not coping too well with the pressure of the times, are you?”


“I guess I need some help .”


“You have the choice of three roles. These are:”


Victim Role;
The Victim is in constant “reactive” mode and avoids responsibility for his/her life, actions and results.
The Victim’s reactions are mostly “negative”

The Victim says… “It’s not fair.” “It’s not my fault.”

Persecutor Role;
The Persecutor is mostly in “reactive” mode and points the finger and blames others for what’s going on in his/her life.
The Persecutor’s reactions are mostly “negative”

The Persecutor says… “It’s your fault.” “Look at what you’ve done.”

Deliverer Role;
The Deliverer takes the initiative and is mostly in “proactive” mode and takes responsibility, ownership and control of his/her thoughts, actions and feelings.
The Deliverer is proactive and the actions are mostly “positive”

The Deliverer says… “There’s got to be a way.”


” So I have three questions for you.

Question #1: When faced with a challenge, what role are you choosing to play?

Question #2: Are your actions or reactions mostly negative, positive or neutral?

Question #3: How is your role, actions/reactions hurting or helping you?”


 The last of the human freedoms is to choose one’s attitudes – Victor Frank.



 Have you talked to anyone from the depression era to see how they coped?