Recession Busters

After the inauguration in Washington last week, all eyes are still pointing to Washington to solve the global economic woes .  What a pity!  Sure government plays a role, but if we wait around for these geniuses, we would be doing ourselves a major injustice.  Look it, within ourselves is the collective genius to make significant progress towards recovery.

A natural human tendency is to let enveloped by a darwinian attitude of survival of the fittest during challenging times.

Let me suggest a different approach:


How about survival of the knitted, networking ourselves, leveraging some new tools to position ourselves to be stronger after this economic hurricane.

(Hope you viewed the lessons of the geese video)

Study this picture below and see where you fit.

We can combine our efforts to break this cycle and reverse this direction.  Before you call be the neo Don Quixote, here is my pledge.

I will highlight an initiative or idea shared or observed of folks doing stuff that is inching the ball in the uptick direction. I will do this through June 2009, and summarize the implications  prior to recommitting to continuing the effort into the future.


I ran across this gem of a quote that encourages the strong of heart.

   “Recession is the re-allocation of
money from the scared to the bold.”


Mr/Ms Business person, so how bold are you?