Reflection from a recent trip to Kingston


I finally have a few moments to reflect on my recent trip to Kingston.

When I visited last year, everyone seemed to have 2 cellphones for different carrier companies. This year it is 3 cellphones for different carrier companies. How I wish we had this type of freedom in the US.

The telecommunication competition is fierce. Most people referred to Cable and Wireless is now called “Unstable and Worthless” ..there are a few other names I can’t remember. Flow is the talk of the town. Everyone is dying to get on Flow for internet access.

The Cuban light bulb scandal talk was in full swing everywhere I went. Some of my friends were jokingly saying that it pays more to distribute light bulbs than being a policeman. The implication is that crime is high because police morale is low when they see others getting “paid”.

The food always tastes better in Jamaica. Even the Chinese food. There is nothing like Jamaican Chinese food.

The roads are the worse I have seen in years but it is not surprising. Every time you looked at the Caribbean weather map there was some type of rain system over Jamaica. There were flowers blossoming everywhere.


I saw residents everywhere fixing pot holes near their homes. The explanation I got was it is better they fix it than wait on the government. They fear the damage that will be done to their property as motorist drive on the side walks or on their lawns.

The “Good Samaritan” double murder was the crime talk for that week. The feeling I got from a few people I spoke with was that the news government is not acting fast enough on tackling the crime issues. I few others thought the top down approach was good. That is start from the top and tackle the corruption in government. The one statement that sticks in my mind is a relative saying that the criminals in Jamaica are like cockroaches. They are everywhere and need to be stumped out. He went on to say this generation is lost. We need to reach the next one.

Jamaicans still know how to party. I attended a Christian party. The food was good, the games were fun and the music was great. There was also a very interesting singles game to pair a couple for dinner. My fondest memory of this party will be the domino game. I played partner with a old high school friend. Each time the other team was about to give us 6 love I broke the game. I know how to match dominoes…not read faces…DWL


The road to the Norman Manley International Airport is a thin strip waiting to be washed away again. The sand is piled up on the side.

Overall it was a great trip. Nothing like being home.