Reflection of a heart

Photo credit: Travis Grossen

Detach from your sacred womb,

you embraced the soul frame—body,

With eyes, gentle, soft, your love calm fear.

“I am” all that you saw, you ever need.

You knew ‘I am ‘ that we were bless by His majesty.

You placed the small frame on your bosom

In the moment of void—his presence, you felt,

was connected to the great heaven

an overwhelming  warmth,

life felt pleasing—pleasant with God proclivity,

As your baby cries: tears of joy seeps,

your arms open wide

You pray; thank the Lord,

 that the baby was by your side,

tiny, innocent and fragile—a gentle child

you remove from your bosom

the prize, the gift, so beautiful—tenderly!!

Life begins to do the work; the child turns

To be the journey, recreate, share the blessing,

the hope—that Christ, Holy Jesus, died,

Risen from the grave, forgives us, loves mercifully!’

Empress Journee