Regal/Carib Saturday kickers – Silver Fox

I recently changed one of my social networking profile picture to Silver Fox the star (bad guy) of the Kickers (Karate) movies I grew up watching in Jamaica. My recent visit to Cross Road brought back fond memories of going to see “Kickers” (Karate Movies) on a Saturday morning at Carib or Regal with my brother.

At Carib there was a double bil (2 movies)l and at Regal there was a triple bill (3 movies). Carib was the nicer cinema and the first option my parents told us to try. If Carib was packed then we walked up the road to Regal for the triple bill. Yes 3 movies…We preferred

Okay back to Silver Fox. You were sure to see him in at least 1 of the movies you saw that weekend. He was the ultimate bad guy. He never seems to die as he was in most of the Kickers. You remember his name but not many of the heroes who appeared in the movie with him. The best part is you could see Silver Fox die in 2 or 3 different ways on any given Saturday at Carib or Regal.