Reggae Sensation Bruckup Teams With Shaggy On Sizzling New Single And Video

Bruckup, the eternal high-energy reggae artist who fans love to call “Mr. Excitement” drops a new single and video on the reggae market soon. The blazing single and its accompanying sizzling video clip is called “Sunglasses – Keep Your Shades On” and features reggae icon Shaggy, whose 2000 MCA Records album “Hot Shot” sold more than 10 million units worldwide and featured Billboard Hot 100 chart hits “Angel” and “It Wasn’t Me.”

“Sunglasses – Keep Your Shades On” is typical of Bruckup’s hybrid style and the release is an exotic blend of reggae, soca and hip-hop. It is a song that compels the listener to tap his or her feet and dance. Anybody who has ever met Bruckup can’t help but be awed by his infectious energy and the laughter that he brings, so it comes as no surprise that the record is already being embraced by reggae radio.

Dave Rodney, media marketing consultant and executive producer of the 151 Reggae Internet Show/ added, “Bruckup is a rare synergy of a reggae artist, dancer and comedian wrapped in one package, and the power of what he brings to the stage was on display the last time he was a guest on the 151 Show when he mesmerized the studio and the viewing audience, leaving fans begging for more.”

“I am very proud of this new single”, Bruckup commented. “I am also thrilled that I had the opportunity to work on this project with Shaggy, who has enjoyed international success with ‘Boombastic,’ ‘Midnite Lover’ and ‘Lucky Day.’ I feel the song will be a force to be reckoned with on the dance floors and for many music lovers, it will bring back the fun in music,” he continued.

The video is an astonishing piece of artistry that incorporates elements of the classic movie “Revenge of The Nerds” with Bruckup’s unique contemporary twist. The video was shot at various locations around New York City including at 50 Cents old office. It features Bruckup and Shaggy and was produced by Reset Creative, a New York City production company, and directed by German videographer Zollo of Fat King Films. The clip was styled by two leading urban fashion companies- Tommy Hilfiger and Marc Ecko, and the dancing and the choreography was supported by New York’s favorite reggae dance group, Active Dancers.

Bruckup is no stranger to big times and bright lights as he’s had past performance and production collaborations with some of the music industry’s big guns – Teddy Riley, Swiss Beatz, Dougie Fresh, Slick Rick and Wyclef Jean.

“Bruckup has been a powerful force in the reggae arena for a long time, and we feel this first single from his 2010 upcoming album, to be called “Mr. Excitement” will be a turning point in his career”, Gazoo, Bruckup’s manager pointed out. The video clip is being serviced to all major TV and new media outlets including MTV, VH1 and BET.

And while music insiders are buzzing about “Sunglasses – Keep Your Shades On” the tireless Bruckup is being kept busy finishing up his album and taking acting classes to better equip himself for upcoming film and TV projects.

“I put no limits on how far I can go”, Bruckup chimed confidently.

“Sunglasses – Keep Your Shades On” was produced by Sound Boy and will be released on the New York-based Orchard label.