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Reggae Icon Rocker-T Releases “The Hurban Warrior Of Peace: Part Roots” Worldwide June 25, 2013

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Over nine years in the making, with over a dozen guest artists and several different genres represented, Rocker-T will release his second installment entitled: The Hurban Warrior of Peace: Part Roots in 2013.  The first preview of this two-part album, a digital-only 5-song EP entitled From Brooklyn to Oakland, was released on December 18th 2012, with plenty of media hype and an iTunes Front Page feature the week of its release, reaching number 10 on the ITunes Reggae Chart.  With the release of The Hurban Warrior of Peace: Part Roots, Rocker-T embarks upon the largest musical journey of his 21 years in the music industry. The album, which is released today June 25th 2013, includes many Roots Reggae tracks that Rocker-T has and will become widely known for. “The Hurban Warrior of Peace: Part Roots” is mainly Conscious Roots Reggae with some World and EDM influences, and includes featured special guest artists Joan Baez, Gappy Ranks, Ranking Joe, Terry Ganzie, and many more.
Throughout his career, Rocker-T has always had an eclectic musical appetite. He has been a member of Punk Rock, Heavy Metal, New Wave, Ska and Reggae bands, as well as Hip Hop and Dancehall sound systems. Original Reggae, Hip Hop and Dancehall have consistently been an influence on his music. Rocker-T hails from Brooklyn, New York, and currently resides in Oakland, California, and these bicoastal roots add a great diversity and flavor to his sound. He so far has distinguished himself as a Reggae, Drum ‘N Bass and Hip Hop artist as he exhibited in his previously released EP From Brooklyn to Oakland. But Roots Reggae fans will be pleased with this offering of spiritual, conscious, and melodically rich tunes. The Hurban Warrior Of Peace: Part Roots offers a blend of Traditional Roots Reggae with a modern sound and Rocker-T has invited long time collaborators and friends, both seasoned artists and his contemporaries, to share in the creation of this breakout album.  Even Dancehall fans can get a fix as Rocker-T blends his varied styles to create a uniquely traditional yet modern sound.
Still at the heart of all of his music is a message of peace, love, and equality. The Hurban Warrior Of Peace: Part Roots exemplifies these messages in styles representing his spiritual roots as well as his conscious perspective.  Songs like “Hem of His Garment,” a Sam Cooke cover, and “Thanks and Praise” featuring Ras Menelik, are evocative of hymns, while tracks like “Ninety-Nine Point Nine,” featuring Jah Wave and “Kill Apartheid” are reminiscent of the protest songs of the sixties. The tracks “Neva Chat Slack” featuring Terry Ganzie, and “Free Up” featuring Gappy Ranks are decidedly Modern Roots Reggae. From Brooklyn to Oakland, and the full-length album The Hurban Warrior Of Peace: Part Roots, are a reunion of the genres Rocker-T has been influenced by and the artists with whom he has made meaningful connections.
Nearly a decade in the making, the two-part album is a songwriting and production collaboration that embodies Rocker-T’s diverse musical experiences, knowledge, and tastes. Featuring friends and family from every era of Rocker-T’s career including Skadanks, Boogie Down Productions, Jah Warrior Shelter Hi-Fi, Positive Sound Massive, the International Rastafarian Transport Band, Version City Rockers, Zion Train, Fyah Squad Band and Dubsmashers, it is indicative of his musical objectives.
Long time collaborators from early in Rocker-T’s career such as Puppy Ranks, King Django, Major One, Lenky Don and Adrian Xavier make guest appearances that round out what is likely Rocker-T’s greatest album yet. Rocker-T explains, “I am an Hurban Warrior of Peace, a product of the city environment who sees the small green branch pushing through the cement and cries for Mother Earth.  The magical plant muzik is the healing of the nations. I can fight without fighting.”
Rocker-T says he has “…a profound desire to see all Humans choose a peaceful life with each other on this Earth, and to bring healing to the minds and hearts of Humankind whenever and wherever I sing, and/or otherwise cause the Divine Sound to be audible.” The Hurban Warrior Of Peace: Part Roots is an amalgam of Rocker-T’s musical journey with plenty for everyone to feel and enjoy. He sings the lyrics “Brother and Sisterly Love is the foundation of a peaceful nation,” with one of the worlds’ most renowned singers Joan Baez. It is clear that the album’s title “The Hurban Warrior Of Peace” is the artist’s title as well. Profoundly devoted to using music for healing, Rocker-T is “The Hurban Warrior Of Peace,” music is his weapon and this album is the bomb.

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