Reggae-Pop Artist Betti Mac Shares Moving Blend Of Songs On Debut EP ‘Beth Mcfarlane’
Reggae-pop fusion artist Betti Mac shares her debut EP Beth McFarlane today. Born in Jamaica and currently residing in NYC, Betti Mac blends her own fusion mix of reggae, pop, dance and R&B influences into a sound of her own. Delivering a blend of originals and notable covers, the seven-track release showcases Betti Mac’s diverse range, from emotive slow-burners, to energizing, upbeat tracks.
Reggae-Pop Artist Betti Mac Shares Moving Blend Of Songs On Debut EP 'Beth Mcfarlane'


The first track “Billionaires”, released earlier this month as the lead single, comes as an upbeat dance, pop-remix styled track. Pushing a powerful message to live your life, regardless of what others think, it embodies much of Betti Mac’s vision, to always aim higher and carry on. The EP is self-titled after her real name Beth McFarlane, and comes as a release full of emotive tracks and personal reflection.

The release shares Betti Mac’s story of overcoming, and moving on, both in personal struggles, as well in relationships and love. She shared, “This EP is more intimate than my previous album Icy Spicy Girl from 2008. It’s my life imitating art in part for the last ten years, that’s why it’s so meaningful this time around. I would like this release to take my music career to the next level, and be acclaimed by the best of the best. As an independent solo artist, it’s a struggle to balance the business side of the music and the creativity side as a musical artist.” Growing up in Jamaica W.I. Betti Mac was heavily influenced by reggae, ragga, and Jamaican folk music, while also building a love for pop music from American and European artists. Her wide blend of music and cultural influences can be heard in her range and embracement of multiple styles, including nods towards modern pop, electronic and RnB elements

A notable blend of select cover and tribute tracks are included throughout the release. “Jah’ Next to Me” provides a reggae-driven twist of Emeli Sande’s original, incorporating elements of modern pop and electronic effects on the vocal chorus. As a notable tribute,  Betti Mac delivers a moving rendition of Whitney Houston’s “Where Do Broken Hearts Go”. Betti Mac described Houston as one of her idols; she recorded the cover in 2012, and it provided the catalyst for the recording and direction of the entire release. Additional cover tracks include “Crazy”, a cover of Patsy Cline, and “I Forgive” which utilized the lyrics of Richard Mullens 1954 track, over original music.

Betti Mac performs on a regular basis throughout New York City; as a solo singer-songwriter and recording artist, her flexibility often allows her to seek out unique opportunities. In 2014 and 2015, she performed along the course of the New York City Marathon, along with 130 other artists.

Beth McFarlane is out everywhere today including SpotifyBandcampApple Music and Amazon. Fans can follow her on on major social media channels including Facebook and her website for show announcements and music news.