Reggae Singer Kshoya Video Makes Hype TV Jamaica!!!

K Shoy Entertainment proudly announces that Kshoya music video has been added to Hype TV Jamaica Video Playlist Rotation and official Youtube Channel.

There is no stopping the multi-talented, Brooklyn-bred artist KShoya, who is turning heads and ears with her new Lover’s Rock single, No More Lonely Nights, recently released via Johnny Wonder’s  21 Haplios Distribution.  The song is produced by music icon Courtney Panton of New Kingston fame. A few years ago, KShoya scored local success with her single “Tell Me,” a provocative song which depicts a woman encouraging her man to be descriptive with what he likes sensually.  Many people remember KShoya as “Brooklyn” from the Jamaican-based reality show “Teacha’s Pet,” featuring none other than top dancehall personality Vybz Kartel.  

The song No More Lonely Nights offers listeners flawless soprano vocals over a sultry, infectious Lover’s Rock track. Chock full of sincerity and mixed with sensuality, the song will surly put any couple in the mood relentlessly.  Destined to appeal to a diverse audience of all ages, KShoya believes that those looking for love or those already in love will definitely enjoy this song.  No More Lonely Nights has been long anticipated (over one year in the making!) and much needed in the industry.  Boasting clean lyrics while delivering the ultimate musical experience, this song is sure to be a chart topper.No More Lonely Nights is now on iTunes, Amazon and other fine on-line distributors.
KShoya says – “I am thrilled about the release of No More Lonely Nights as this song is a blessing that fate has once again landed me on a musical mission.  I have no doubt that this is my true calling.”  KShoya adds “This song is special to me, because not too many of my peers in the industry are making modern day Lover’s Rock music.  I want to concentrate my efforts on making music that’s timeless, rather than for the moment.”  With more music in the works, don’t be surprised to see that KShoya is positioned for a strong album release in the near future.
Everyone knows music is one of KShoya’s strongest passions, but this is not surprising considering her musical lineage.  KShoya is the daughter of the legendary owner of 3rd World Hi-Fi Sound System in Brooklyn, who is hailed as a prominent sound man (DJ). However, music is not KShoya’s only talent — she is billed as a quadruple threat, as she is a singer, business owner, multimedia personality and reality starlet.
Showing her versatility, KShoya is quickly becoming a staple in the Caribbean entertainment industry. With a desire to branch out into various genres and industries, keep a close eye on KShoya.