Reggae Ambassadors SEEKS new members/leaders NOW thru September 2007

Positions Available on the R.A.W. Board

General Directors Positions:

1. Public Relations & Media Director
2. Web Site Director
3. Online Communication Director
4. Offline Communication Director
5. DJ & Labels Director
6. Performing Artists Director
7. Committed Reggae Fans Director

Executive Board of Directors Positions:

1. Secretary
2. Treasurer

Introduction to the Reggae Ambassadors organization, and where it’s at with this whole process of ‘rebirth’

Formed over a decade ago, Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide is the only non-profit devoted to networking among Reggae enthusiasts and industry folk alike. Members hail from most nations.

The mission, broadly, is “to forward the Reggae vibe every time,” which most members are already doing in their own ways.

Together, as an organization, we have the opportunity to express ourselves in one voice: asserting our place on the musical scene, and becoming our own vehicle for social change. To do so, we need strong new leadership.

The newly completed ByLaws make available a host of opportunities for forward thinking team players to get involved and make Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide (RAW) become an ever-more effective and meaningful organization.

Click below, or visit for more background, but read on for specifics regarding the Nomination & Election processes coming up…it’s not as hard as you might think!

Official website of Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide

Here’s how to Nominate yourself or others…

Nomination/Applications for these voluntary (unpaid) positions are being accepting from NOW through September 28, 2007. Every applicant should read & familiarize themselves with the ByLaws; is elegible to run for one, single position; and should have & use email (almost) daily. While you must be a member in order to run for office, you can join RAW at the same time you submit your nomination.

We’ve got a simple form and a nominal membership fees (depending on your Category, listed to the right, of membership). Just click here: to join RAW with the New Membership Signup form.

Each Nomination submission must include :

1. The Candidate’s Name & Full Contact Information, including Email Address;

2. The Candidate¹s RAW Membership Number (or membership fee & application form, if candidate is not currently a member);

3. The Position Desired (Members can only run for one position at a time);

4. The qualifications, experience & skill-set makes which makes the person right for the position;

5. A Mission Statement detailing what the nominee envisions doing and contributing to RAW if elected to the position;

6. A signed statement by the nominee stating: “I have read the Bylaws; I have and use email every (or almost every) day; this nomination is being made with my permission; and I will serve and perform as required if elected to the Board.”

The following may also be included (or requested by the existing Board): recommendations from fellow RAW members, previous colleagues or others who can vouch for your talents.

Please either follow the submission guidelines provided above and below; click on the Download link below if you want to print the official “2007 Candidate Nomination/Application Form” to go by; or request that a hard copy be mailed if you (or yours) don¹t have email access.

Whether self-submitting or doing so for another individual, forms must be received by Kyle Russell on or before September 28th, 2007 via email to [email protected] or via postal service (utilizing the Certified, or Return
Receipt Requested services to insure receipt) to:

Kyle Russell
c/o KRucial Reggae
P.O. Box 440263
Somerville, MA 02144 USA

Your eligibility to serve as a Director will be verified prior to ballots being sent out, per the existing Board¹s discretion. The ballots themselves will be sent out in October to all RAW members, for an Election to be completed by the end of November. Thereafter will be arranged the official Annual Meeting of RAW.

Download the actual Nomination Form

Duties and Job Description for Board Positions (in detail…)

PR & Media Coordinator:

a. Write and distribute press releases for RAW news, events and projects
b. Edit official RAW communications
c. Oversee the compilation of a “RAW-friendly” Reggae media list
d. Provide publicity services for RAW conferences and events
e. Provide information on marketing/PR/publicity services to RAW members

Web Site Director:

a. Update, maintain and administer RAW’s web site
b. Maintain and update the list of RAW Member web sites
c. Post and update RAW news and Reggae news items
d. Develop and install a message board system and a more thoroughly cross-referenced demographics page
e. Develop RAW¹s on-line marketing efforts

On Line Communications Coordinator:

a. Welcome new on line Members and provide them with updated Email and URL RAWsters, and a list of important contacts within RAW
b. Send information packets to On Line individuals who are interested in joining RAW
c. Collect on line information (tour schedules, press releases, requests for assistance, etc.) and post them as often as twice weekly within “Wha’ Gwaan in RAW? (WGIR)”

Off Line Communications Coordinator:

a. Welcome new RAW Members who don¹t have access to the Internet (ie. are “off line”)
b. Provide, upon request, information on possible avenues to get on line (no cost and low cost options are available!), as well as send information packets to Off Line individuals who are interested in joining RAW
c. Assemble, print and distribute information and communications between on line members to off line Members; likewise furnishing off line prospective members with interest in RAW with information about the organization (in both cases, budgetary & time constraints may limit what can be done, and how often)
d. Provide, with a team of RAW volunteers, the opportunity for off line members to post their communications to on line Members and to the RAW Forum

Record Label & Deejay Coordinator:

a. Welcome new Record Label & Deejay Members to RAW
b. Develop and maintain an up-to-date Member Record Label & Deejay database
c. Facilitate communications between Record Labels and Deejays
d. Facilitate reporting between Deejays and Members responsible for RAW BUBBLERS
e. Distribute a “New Member Welcome Kit” to Record Labels & Deejays: the Kit will contain useful information on RAW networking, including the effective use of radio play lists and label reports; how to share news and information; detailed methods (for Deejays) on how to obtain promotional music, and effective ways (for Labels) to secure feedback, publicity, and air play for their releases

Performing Artists Coordinator:

a. Welcome new RAW Members in the Performing Artists category
b. Periodically poll RAW artists to arrive at a better understanding of their needs and interests, and learn how the Performing Artists Coordinator can assist the artists
c. Suggest ways to utilize RAW Membership and the RAWster to forward a career as a Performing Artist by networking with Dee Jays, fans, venues, and promoters
d. Provide or direct Performing Artists to sample performance contracts, stage plot and technical rider forms
e. Provide tips to Performing Artists on booking and advancing gigs, and network with other RAW Members in all categories to update and improve the tips and techniques for Performing Artists.

Committed Reggae Fans Coordinator:

a. Welcome all new Committed Reggae Fan Members
b. Encourage Committed Reggae Fans to use the RAWster to its fullest potential
c. Respond to inquiries regarding RAW benefits, including RAW discounts
d. Inform Committed Reggae Fans how to bring more live Reggae music to their home towns
e. Provide tips on how to help events be successful
f. Show Committed Reggae Fans how to ³adopt² RAW artists in their areas
g. Share examples and/or strategies of how Committed Reggae Fans can become members of the industry and support Reggae in a more professional capacity
h. Advise Committed Reggae Fans how to increase their involvement in Reggae music through RAW networking, and share philosophies on being a true Reggae Ambassador

The Secretary shall:

1. Keep the minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors and General Meetings (with physical and electronic records kept in known locations).
2. Give or provide for the giving of all notices in accordance with the provisions of these bylaws or as required by law.
3. Be custodian of RAW records, official forms, the seal of RAW (when or if such a seal is developed).
4. Provide that the seal of RAW is affixed to all official RAW documents.
5. Perform all duties as from time to time may be assigned by the Executive Director or the Board of Directors.
6. The Secretary oversees and is responsible for the effective fulfillment of duties undertaken by the On line & Off line Communications Directors, as well as the Public Relations & Media Director, and may, if qualified and able, assist in web site management.

The Treasurer shall:

1. Be responsible for carrying out the mandates of the Board of Directors in overseeing the financial resources of RAW including, but not limited to cash, securities, stocks, bonds, and all other property, personal or real, owned by RAW.
2. Cause to be kept all the books of account of the business and transactions of RAW (revenues, expenses, and debt).
3. Chair the Finance Committee and, if required, insure that the annual accounts are properly audited by an independent certified public accountant.
4. Make the organization¹s books available to the Board as a whole, to which the Treasurer is directly accountable.
5. Share responsibility with the Membership Director for the accurate tracking of membership dues (incoming funds from new membership and renewal dues).
6. Maintain records of special funds designated for sponsorships and other projects.
7. Reimburse authorized RAW expenditures
8. Compile and submit an Annual Financial Report.
9. If qualified and able, assist other Executive Directors in their duties or help supervise specific General Directors.