Reggae Icons Inner Circle Introduce TheReggaeWave Bands

Powered by Reggae Icons, Inner Circle, 2012 marks the beginning of “The Reggae Wave” project at Circle Village . Jahfe, Fourth Dimension, Roots Shakedown, Spred The Dub, Skafyah, The Resolvers and Stampede Movement as well as Lance O of Kulcha Shok in association with The Abebe Lewis Marketing & Branding Group.  The Reggae Wave will allow the bands to expand their fanbase and create a movement or “wave” outside of their respective “hotspots” by contributing to a compilation EP that will be available to fans for free via physical product and viral partnerships.  
The compilation EP would allow the bands to cross promote each other which we believe would strengthen the reggae roots movement and lead to a subsequent Summer Tour of Florida, and beyond.