pre-launching their services at Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest 2007

The Jamaican based entity,, will be pre-launching their services during the Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest (Montego Bay, 07/19/07. – 07/21/2007) is in the process of establishing the world‘s most relevant Reggae content DATABASE, WEBSITE, and DISTRIBUTION via INTERNET and MOBILE DEVICES., A Division Of Worldwide Entertainment Limited, is providing a powerful and creative medium to Reggae music lovers around the globe by using state of the art technology as well as one of world’s leading distributing networks including interfaces to iTunes, Napster and many more.

Individuals will be able to access Reggae music and media content from any Reggae artist around the world and from anywhere on the planet through commercial downloads of recorded music by using a number of downloading formats such as MP3 and many others. also serves as a source for delivery of music to online Radio and TV broadcasting. The website will feature entertainment news and information in order to keep Reggae listeners up to date with current events.’s website will be most beneficial to Reggae content owners. Once content owners have signed a non-exclusive contract with, their music (audio/video) will be instantly accessible to the whole world and to millions of users. As a result of this, content owners as well as consumers are now able to experience the future of Reggae entertainment, Internet, and mobile devices. is in the process of creating a large and vibrant online global community of individuals as well as businesses with interest in Jamaican and Caribbean music and lifestyle, resulting in opportunities for information exchange and advertising. This will also build brand recognition and establish itself as the number one site in the world of Reggae. “If It’s Reggae – It’s”.

Background information:

Levent Karahan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of, is no stranger to the music world. In 1999 he left his Artist & Repertoire Manager position with Sony Music Germany and started the world’s first standardized digital content distribution software “YOOM”, which later merged with “24/7 Music Shop”. In 2004 Levent Karahan moved to Jamaica in order to create a leading entity for Reggae content distribution via Internet and mobile devices.

John “Pops” Dowling, Director of Content, a legend within the worldwide Reggae music fraternity, worked with the likes of UB40, Sly & Robbie and many other international recording artists.

Lloyd Stanbury, Director Legal, noted Entertainment Attorney and Chairman of the Reggae Academy Awards.

Michael W. Hoppe, Chief Operating Officer, extensive experience in international music business and excellent contacts to major target markets (Europe, USA and Japan). Acclaimed and Award winning visual artist and music producer.

Loyal Haylett, Director Public Relations, solid music business background, as well as noted business man of the year in the state of New Jersey (USA), manager of recording legend Half Pint and voting member of the National Academy Of Recording Arts And Science (Grammy Awards).

Garth Henriques, Director Business Development, national coach of the Jamaica water polo team, experienced Radio DJ, father of Superstar Sean Paul.

Ingo Kreis, Director Database, many years of ecommerce and in that fundamental know how of databases and content management systems.

Together with their many years of experience in international business, music affairs and ecommerce, they incorporated “Worldwide Entertainment Limited”, which has signed exclusive contracts with “24/7 Music Shop” and has full access to “24/7 Music Shop’s” state of the art technology as well as their strong distribution network, which elevates to be the leading application service provider for Reggae content distribution via Internet and mobile devices.

Considering the unique combination of well experienced management, advanced technology and powerful network leads us to only one conclusion: “If We Can’t Do It – It Can’t Be Done”

Next steps:
Launch of content aggregation: July 2007
Pre-launch of website (B2B): Summer 2007
Content distributing via our network: Autumn 2007
Launch of website (B2C): Winter 2007
Launch of Radio/Television streams: Spring 2008