Jamaicans In North East USA Organize Support Efforts In The Wake Of Island’s Bruising By Tropical Storm Gustav

As reports out of Jamaica’s Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) confirmed several deaths and injuries and extensive property, civil infrastructure, and environmental damage stemming from Tropical Storm Gustav’s onslaught of the island, Jamaicans in the Mid-Atlantic and North East states gathered to discuss the community’s response to the damage.

Leaders from Caribbean Diaspora Baptist Clergy Association, Friends of Trelawny Association, Jamaica Diaspora Movement NE USA, Jamaica Impact, Inc. (JAMPACT), and Jamaica Organization of New Jersey (JONJ) agreed to combine efforts in raising necessary resources via a media and community campaign.

Many of these organizations have a proven track record of raising resources on behalf of on-island Jamaicans. In sharing best practices, the leaders said, they hope to engineer even greater yields on behalf of needy Jamaicans.

Collected funds and materials will be directed to Jamaicans on island by the newly formed effort, Jamaica Disaster Relief 2008.

Individuals and organizations interested in sending tax-deductible gifts to aid Jamaicans impacted by the storm should consider the following options:

Checks and other contributions by mail
Jamaica Hurricane Disaster Relief 2008
c/o Caribbean Diaspora Baptist Clergy Association
Attn: Dr. Delroy A. Reid-Salmon
Grace Baptist Chapel
Address 3355 Boller Ave,
Bronx, NY 10475
Telephone 718.379.4959

Make checks payable to “Caribbean Diaspora Baptist Clergy Association” and indicate “Jamaica Disaster Relief 2008”

– or –

Web contributions
Jamaica Impact, Inc. (JAMPACT)

On accessing JAMPACT’s home page, simply select the DONATE button for “Jamaica Disaster Relief 2008”

The Jamaica Diaspora Movement is working with the ODPEM, the Jamaica Council of Churches and other organizations on the ground to do ongoing needs assessments, particularly of the hardest hit areas of Portland and St. Mary parishes, and to distribute resources to these key areas.

“Our hearts go out to our countrymen and -women in Jamaica who have lost their family members and property in this difficult storm,” said Patrick Beckford, NE USA Board Member of the Jamaica Diaspora Movement. “Jamaica and her neighbors in the entire Caribbean are prone to these seasonal storms and it is imperative that we who are in the diaspora think about how we might support Jamaica during this difficult time. The Jamaica Diaspora Movement stands at the ready to coordinate and funnel supports to impacted Jamaicans.”

For information on Tropical Storm Gustav, go to http://www.odpem.org.jm/news/default.asp.

For information on Jamaica Disaster Relief 2008, contact Patrick Beckford at 732.801.6747 or email [email protected].