Renigad Does Guyana Solo

Hardcore Dancehall artiste ReniGAD, formerly of RDX, is gearing up to release two brand new videos this weekend after a successful solo performance in Guyana earlier this month.

Renigad Does Guyana Solo1
The tracks ‘Swing It” and ‘Twerk’ are produced by ReniGAD’s own label Gad People Productions, and are too polar opposites content wise yet showcase the versatility of ReniGAD as a solo act.

We closing summer with two hot songs, one for the girls to bruk out pon and another for the warrior them fi bounce to and hold a different meds. The songs are very different but that’s the point, GAD fans are diverse so I’m giving the people what they want,’ ReniGAD explained

The tracks, were crowd favorites at ReniGAD’s recent performance in Guyana two weeks ago and prompted his decision to release both videos simultaneously. The artiste was also pleased to return to Guyana as a solo act and receive the same love as was received there for RDX’s appearance in 2019.

This was my first solo performance outside of the Jamaican Diaspora so it was a great feeling. Guyana is one of my favorite places to perform. The people know how fi enjoy themselves ova deh,” ReniGAD added

Although his performance was cut short because of Guyanese police shutting off the event, the artiste is anticipating another upcoming opportunity to give the full ReniGAD experience.

I had an epic performance planned so hopefully I can return soon to finish what I started. But the audience had a great time with the shortened set still so that’s a positive fi take from it. Me did pissed off stills naw lie; no shot no fire, no disturbance whatsoever, was not even past 2 am yet. So the reason to shut off the show is still a mystery to me,’ ReniGAD added

Both ‘Twerk‘ Visuals and ‘Swing It‘ official music video will be on ReniGAD’s YouTube channel this weekend.