ReniGAD Goes Fresh and Familiar with New “Brand” Single

Vested Dancehall DJ ReniGAD, formerly Renigade of chart topping duo RDX, is staying true to his solo effort of diversifying his brand with the release of the trendy single called ‘Brand’ this month.

Renigad Goes Fresh and Familiar with New “Brand” Single
With the return – all be it limited – of the entertainment sector in Jamaica, the potent lyricist felt it was necessary to release the track to epitomize the summer vibe that we all missed due to the CoronaVirus Pandemic.

Produced by GAD People and Dream Rush876, the ‘Brand’ single merges a sample from the “Skettel” riddim from the late 90’s with the modern Dancehall groove. This fusion is what ReniGAD believes makes ‘Brand’ potentially a hit project.

Firstly, the beat is insane, plus the lyrics tell the story of stepping out branded up and generally speaking the song is super catchy! It embodies celebrating summer in the islands, the fashion, the music and lifestyle,” ReniGAD explained

The track is expected to resonate well with the young dancehall market, the current fan base of ReniGAD as a solo act.

Brand is fresh and familiar, old sample with new styles, a perfect concoction to get everyone moving. As a member of RDX we released 90% gyal songs but ReniGAD music is more 50/50; girls like me and the warriors rate me,” Renigad added

The ‘Brand’ single is now officially available on ReniGAD’s Vevo channel and on all digital platforms globally.